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(Gaius Plinius Secundus - Home is where the heart is) We built a business around this philosophy. @Beverbuilds, we believe that every house is a canvas, just placing furniture within painted walls should never be the objective. Every room has a purpose and furnishing enhance its efficiency, it maximizes usable space while adding personality. Help us turn your house into a home and elevate the appeal.

We believe in Exquisite not Exclusive. Our rigorous quality adherence, indigenously sourced premium material, minimal waste manufacturing procedures & transparent pricing model ensures you get quality product every time without breaking your bank. Our designs encourage reflection on the cultures we have grown to embrace, the people we connect with, the moments we celebrate, and the indulgences we all enjoy.

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What we do?

We turn four walls into a Home, our imaginative and unique design solutions provide elegance while triumphing their purpose. We create homescapes for our clients that are durable, innovative & budget friendly while keeping the essence of functionality and comfort at its core.

Furniture’s ensures you can effectively utilize the available space systematically while enhancing the aesthetics of your home, from a humble chair to a walk-in closet, every piece of furniture reflects your values. Initial impressions are mostly based on appearance, deliver a statement every time with our elegantly range of home improvement furnishings.

~ Every inch of your house is a canvas, let us paint your Masterpiece ~


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